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Network RTK Receiver

The eSurvey E100 is a network receiver that will get more done faster than you thought possible. This entry-level GNSS solution handles multiple frequencies from multiple constellations, improving position accuracy. Thanks to its ultra-compact design and built-in RTK assistant function, the E100 is an ideal rover station receiver for a CORS system. The E100 is suitable for different applications such as car and machine control.



1- Multi-constellation and multi-frequency

With 800 channels of GNSS tracking, E100 provides stable and reliable accuracy. All GNSS signals are coming with standard including GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS and SBAS.

2- MEMS Dynamic Tilt Survey

eSurvey’ s innovation tilt survey solution provides a surprising experience. The sensor is adapted to various of working environments and can be ready within 10 sec. Maximum 60 ° incline angle ensures a tilt-to-go survey without stopping your work.


3- L-band Atlas

Atlas is a service to provide global precision correction service over L-band satellites. With ATLAS subscription, E100 is able to achieve centi- meter accuracy without any base station.

4- aRTK

Powered by Atlas, the innovative aRTK technology operates on any Atlas-capable device by enabling it to maintain RTK-level accuracy, avail- ability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail without additional cost.

5- Web UI

It is able to view position status, set up working mode, download data and update firmware from Web user interface with any phone, tablet or PC.


6- Intelligent Voice

E100 will broadcast voice automatically to remind user the solution status is changed. It is also able to manually broadcast current working mode and solution status by short pressing power button.


7- Lightweight and Small-size

E100 is only 900g and is good for hand carrying. The small size design makes it possible for various of applications such as car and machine control.

8- Rugged Design

E100 main body is using magnesium materials to provide strong shock and vibration resistant characteristics. IP67 certification ensures operation in various of tough environments.


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