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Rugged Design

E600 main body is using magnesium materials
to provide strong shock and vibration resistant characteristics.
Vibration Resistant.png




Web user interface through wifi
with any phone, tablet or PC
allowed user to be able
view position status, set up working mode, download data

and update firmware.

4G SIM Card 

Best performance Radio.
Power mode : 1watt = 3 ~ 5 Km.
TX(transfer) and RX (receiver)
capable to communicate with all brands
Frequency Range :
410 ~ 470 MHz,902.4 ~ 928 MHz
Channel Spacing :
12.5 KHz / 25 KHz 
Protocol :
Satel, PCC, TrimTalk, TrimMark III, South, HiTarget 

Certification ensures operation in various of tough environments.

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