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Net 20 plus

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High-quality CORS Solution

NET20 PLUS is specially designed for high-precision CORS reference stations. The rich data interface demands various of applications such as monitoring and machine control. User can use any phone or tablet to configurate device easily from the powerful Web UI.

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1- Multi-constellation and Multi-frequency

With 800 channels of GNSS tracking, NET20 Plus covers all GNSS signals including GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO and IRNSS, QZSS to provide stable and reliable data source.

2- Rich Data Interface

Net20 Plus supports multiple data interface such as serial port, 1PPS, event to demand various of applications. Its powerful Linux system ensures a smooth operation without any worries.


3- Rich Wireless Communication

Net20 Plus supports WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, SIM card. User can send or receive data through any methods.

4- Large Battery

The 13600 mAh battery lasts up to 12 hours to respond to emergencies. It also ensures the data is stored safely.

5- Large Memory Storage

The internal 32 GB storage and TF card expansion ensure user to store the data for long time. It also supports FTP push to make it more convenient for data management.


6- L-Band Atlas

Atlas is a service to provide global precision correction service over L-band satellites. With ATLAS subscription, Net20 Plus is able to achieve centimeter accuracy without any correction data.


7- Web UI

It is able to view position status, configurate device, download data and update firmware from Web user interface with any phone, tablet or PC.

8- Smart Alert

It will alert user through email or SMS once the charger is disconnected, battery level is too low, temperature is too high or memory storage is almost full.

9- Rugged Design

Net20 Plus main body is using aluminum alloy materials to provide strong shock and vibration resistant characteristics. IP67 certification ensures operation in various of tough environments.


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